About Us

Old World Europe meets natural Hawaiian splendor at Haiku Mill – a stunning property located on Maui’s north shore, off the famous Road to Hana. With its unmatched beauty and elegance, unique past, and lush, tropical location, Haiku Mill is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Haiku Mill is steeped in over 150 years of history, with roots in the island’s sugar cane industry, making it an important landmark site. Guests are treated to a breathtaking mix of French-inspired décor, vine-draped ruins and spectacular flora. A stroll beneath the Mill’s archway is like a trip back in time.

Haiku Mill showcases the best of Maui, with a focus on its rich, storied past, a first-hand display of its present and a look ahead to its future. From historical botanical tours of its spectacular gardens and floral arrangements; to elegant displays of relics from days gone by; to interactive farm-to-table chef’s dinners featuring innovative takes on locally-sourced ingredients; to a wide range of tropical fruits growing on its property; Haiku Mill is a must-visit for both residents and visitors.

Contact us today to inquire about planning an unforgettable experience at Haiku Mill. We look forward to welcoming you, with warmest Aloha.

About Sylvia Hamilton-Kerr

Sylvia Hamilton-Kerr developed a passion and understanding of beauty and hospitality at a young age. Influenced by the lavish dinner parties thrown by her parents at their home in British Columbia’s beautiful Cariboo region, she acquired an ability to enhance experiences by creating inviting atmospheres of elegance, punctuated by precise demonstrations of fine detail.

It was in this environment that a passion for hospitality was born and, at the age of 17, Sylvia decided to pursue a career in the hotel industry. She attended Lausanne Ecole Hôtelière in Switzerland, recognized as the top school for hotel management in the world. Following her studies, her career in event management and hospitality flourished through various endeavors in the industry. She also developed a talent for horticulture – specifically landscaping and gardening – a skill that would earn praise during her years in Vancouver.

Pursuing her childhood dream of having “a castle that was so enchantingly beautiful, that people’s spirits were lifted just by its existence,” Sylvia moved to Maui in 2009 to devote all her attention to her property at Haiku Mill.  Today, her dream has become a vivacious reality for customers all over the world. With a love for the romantic beauty of Europe and a keen eye for old-world treasures, Sylvia has raised a castle from the ruins of an old sugar mill, alive with the spirit of Aloha. Her connection to and admiration of nature remains prominent through the incorporation of the Mill’s lush, tropical surroundings into the space. Old World Europe meets natural Hawaiian splendor in spectacular fashion.

Sylvia remains the owner of Haiku Mill, where she is committed to maintaining the highest standards of beauty and hospitality.