Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that all visits are by appointment only. Contact us today to book yours.
Q- Do you have to rent the venue for the whole day?

A- Absolutely not. Haiku Mill offers smaller time blocks during the week for couples who may only want to hold a ceremony or cocktail hour for groups under 80 people, take photos, or host brunch or rehearsal dinners. For couples that only require a couple hours to host their ceremony, Haiku Mill offers wedding package options that are held on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Fridays and Saturdays are reserved exclusively for full day events that end at 10pm. We strongly suggest a minimum budget of $45,000 for full day events under 45 people, event budget requirements increase as the guest list increases. Due to the fact that Haiku Mill is located in a residential area, the venue only books one full day event each week and tries to limit late night parties to the weekends to respect our neighbors.

Q- Can I hold my date at Haiku Mill?

A- We are happy to put a soft hold on a date at Haiku Mill for you, without a deposit. If we receive another inquiry for the same date, we will reach out to you with a week’s notice to confirm continued interest.  If we do not hear from you within 168 hours (exactly 7 days) from the time of our initial email to you, the date will be released to the next party without providing any further notice.  If you express continued interest you will have 72 hours from the time you send us written confirmation to sign your contract.

Q- Why would I want to hold my wedding on a weekday?  I thought everyone held them on Saturdays.

A- Typically, most people hold their weddings on weekends when they get married close to home, because friends and family have to work during the week. But when you are holding a destination wedding, most guests have taken the week off for a vacation. Holding your wedding in the middle of the week helps give your guests a few days to arrive, get settled in their hotels and adjust to the time change before the big day. If they have taken a week-long vacation they then have the days following the wedding to relax and enjoy the island, and have time to travel home again. Many guests appreciate not having to leave the Sunday morning after a Saturday wedding.

Q- What is the venue’s capacity?

A- Haiku Mill can accommodate a maximum of 100 people, depending on the style of your event. 

Q- Where is Haiku Mill located?

A- Haiku Mill is located in the small town of Haiku on the island of Maui in the state of Hawaii.

Q- What is the weather like in Haiku?

A- Haiku is located on the north shore of Maui, which experiences rain on a daily basis.  These are usually in the form of passing showers lasting anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes during the day, but Haiku can often receive heavy rainfall in the evenings. As part of a contingency plan, all full-day events are required to rent one large tent to cover the open foyer and dining area, located inside the mill. Additional tents may be required for large groups.  The cost of these tents is not included in your site fee – they must be ordered through Haiku Mill to ensure that proper footings, installation and tie downs are properly executed due to the delicate nature of the property and structure. You will be charged by Haiku Mill separately from your site fee. Please enquire about pricing.

Q- Can we pick any vendor we want, or use a friend?

A- Haiku Mill works with a group of carefully selected preferred vendors. These vendors understand the historic and delicate nature of the property, have experience working events at this unique location, posses the required insurance that enables them to work on the property and, most importantly, are trusted and professional.

If you would like to have one of your friends, family or trusted professionals work on the day of your wedding, Haiku Mill allows one vendor that is not on their hand-selected list per event. (Please note: this does not apply to Haiku Mill’s Wedding Packages for elopements, ceremony only and ceremony + cocktail reception, only to custom wedding and dinner receptions.) Prior to being approved, this vendor must provide all the required insurance documents directly to the office and additional fees may be required. Vendors in the following categories may not be brought from outside sources and must be selected from the Haiku Mill preferred vendor list: coordinators, caterers (including food trucks), bar services, tent providers, transportation, valet, portable washrooms, lighting, DJ and A/V services, draping and rigging.

If you are a vendor who would like to work at Haiku Mill, please submit an inquiry via the Contact Us page. 

Q- Is Haiku Mill equipped with a commercial kitchen?

Haiku Mill’s kitchen is NOT a commercial kitchen. The use of Haiku Mill requires a State Health Food Establishment Certificate, which must be provided prior to the event. All cooking and preparation must follow state health laws, and caterers are fully responsible for leaving the kitchen and eating areas clean. All surfaces and appliances should be cleared of food and waste. Floors should be swept and mopped to discourage pests and rodents. Failure to comply will result in a back charge to the Permittee.

Q- Can our guests park at Haiku Mill?

A- Due to limited parking on site, you will have a maximum of FOUR parking spaces for full day events due to vendor requirements for parking.  If you are holding a small half day event 10 spaces are available.  For larger groups that require more vendors, this number may decrease.

Q- How do we get our guests to Haiku Mill if we need more than 10 parking spaces?

A- Haiku Mill will book shuttles for your guests with one of our preferred transportation vendors, or you can choose to have Haiku Mill hire a valet company on your behalf.  These costs are not included in your site fee and will be billed separately. You will be provided with the size of shuttle and style available for you to choose from. Typically our clients choose to have the wedding party drive themselves or hire a private chauffeured vehicle, while the remaining guests are transported by shuttle. Please note: there are restrictions on the size of vehicles allowed at Haiku Mill.

Q- Where should we stay on the island if we are getting married at Haiku Mill?

A- We suggest you stay in Wailea, Kihei or Maui’s beautiful Upcountry.  Although the west side (Lahaina, Kannapali, Kapalua and Napili) is beautiful, there is only one coastal highway in and out.  If there is any delay on the highway it can cause the drive time to increase significantly, which may cause your guests to be late for your wedding.  If you would like to explore that side of the island we suggest you move to a west side hotel after your wedding day or plan a day trip.

Q- Does Haiku Mill offer packages for people that don’t want the stress of planning or want to know what they are spending in advance?

A- Yes. There are packages available for Full and Partial Day Weddings (these include ceremony, cocktail hour and dinner reception), Elopements, Ceremonies and Ceremony & Cocktail Receptions

Q- Can we schedule a tour of Haiku Mill?

A-   We’d love if you came to visit with us! If you would like to tour the venue and discuss the vision of your wedding day, please contact us to schedule an appointment. If you’d simply like to tour the grounds to see if our venue is the right fit for you, we recommend reserving a spot on one of our historical botanical tours. If you choose to book Haiku Mill for your event, your entry fees will be deducted from your site fee.

Q- How much does it cost to rent Haiku Mill?

A- The cost to rent Haiku Mill’s property is based on the amount of time you would like it for, as well as the day of the week.   

Q- How much does a wedding cost to host at Haiku Mill?

A- Every wedding is different and there are many factors that affect the total cost of a wedding, including but not limited to: guest count, style of dinner, how many flowers you would like to have, selection of chairs and entertainment requirements. Our in-house coordination team, Pua Le’a & co.will work with you to help pinpoint your costs.